“Home Sweet Anywhere”

unnamedIn 2011, Lynne and Tim Martin sold their central California home, divested themselves of most of their possessions and embarked on their dream retirement. They began selecting areas according to the seasons and living there as the locals do for a few months at a time.

At first family and friends were shocked but now their grandchildren find (us) infinitely more interesting than when (we) lived down the street.” And this summer, friends from several countries and family are coming to stay in Paris while the couple is there.

Admitting that though the details involved in this transformation were copious, Lynne and Tim are so happy with their decision that she wrote an article about it for The Wall Street Journal. The piece generated such a response from readers and publishers alike that a book was born, Home Sweet Anywhere: How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw The World

Asked about the innovative path which they chose, Lynne responded that many retirees today are active, fit, and hungry for new experiences. We have retired from making a living every day, but certainly not from LIVING every day.”  One of my late husband’s dreams was to sell our home, store our most treasured belongings, board the horses and cats, buy a big boat and take the dogs with us on a yearlong sailing adventure. Walking my little dog now by the houseboats near me, I often think of Marc and his dream. This couple has achieved theirs and perhaps will inspire many more young retirees to go out and enjoy the world … together.


Why Long-Term Marriages Can Be So Powerful

Portrait of a happy middle aged couple in bed together“Research shows that the divorce rate among adults aged 50 and older doubled between 1990 and 2010.” The HuffPost’s Post50 has done it again. They’ve served up a compendium of bloggers’ common sense thoughts on enduring marriages which I found very moving. As a widow whose marriage was very, very happy, I smiled, cried a little and wished the same joy for my adult children while I perused the article.

The list runs the gamut of thoughts such as not being frantic or worrying overly about looks to feeling open about communicating your needs and feelings to your partner. For example, “we tell each other everything, whether it’s good or bad. We never hide anything from each other — ever — and can openly discuss any subject without fear of being judged. We made a pact to do that from the beginning of our marriage (it took a little to get used to, but we knew it would be invaluable) and I think it helped to create the wonderful marriage that we have,” said Cathy Chester of An Empowered Spirit.

Concluding the article is a group of reader’s responses to The HuffPost Post50’s request for their takes on how to have a long and happy marriage. My favorite is: “When you give to the other person, that’s love. When you take, that’s ego. Over the years, both people contribute what they have. … I’ve been married 32 years, and my promise in being with my wife is that I am committed to helping her find everything she needs. If she has a need/problem, it’s mine too. The value of marriage isn’t solely playing a part so much as my wife accepts all my love and I get to be that guy I most like being, her lover.”




Lower East Side Photography Walk on Sunday, April 13



Sunday, April 13th

30 Lower East Side galleries will be hosting specialty photography exhibits on Sunday, April 13th. This particular weekend also coincides with the AIPAD Photography Show, an internationally revered gathering of photography from all around the world. See the LES website for a list of participating galleries.





5 Habits Scientifically Proven To Help You Live Longer

r-WATCHING-TV-large570We’re living longer and attempting to be healthier. Here are 5 steps you can take to facilitate longevity from the Huff/Post50.

Step away from the television — it’s much easier to get motivated to go for a walk or to the gym. Keeping TV time to under 2 hours seems to be the bellwether for health. Eat a handful of nuts daily for their heart-health benefits. Slow down on red meats and, especially, processed meats.

Danish researcher Peter Schnohr found that jogging only 1 to 2 and a half hours a week can increase life expectancy by over 6 years for men and more than 5 years for women.

A study at University of California-Davis found people who regularly practice meditation have higher levels of telomerase, the enzyme which lengthens the telomeres at the ends of your chromosomes, which affect aging. “Similarly, another study found that cancer patients who combined meditation with other healthy lifestyle changes over several years were able to lengthen their telomeres.” Meditation also helps manage stress and blood pressure, safeguarding against other diseases.



Dance Until Dawn in Euro-Chic Decadence

Ibiza-based Pacha’s international brand of super-clubs has a Hell’s Kitchen venue, Pacha New York. With the Hudson River to the west, the 30,000 square foot space is split into 4 levels, each accessible individually.

“While other cavernous clubs promise decadence, only Pacha delivers communion—with both the music (the D.J. booth, encircled by LED lights, melds with the dance floor; 17 hidden subwoofers force you off your feet) and the exclusive world-within-a-world party atmosphere. VIPs get a separate entrance to fourth-floor lounge Pachita, with Moroccan-style vaulted ceilings and plush banquettes. Bikini-clad go-go girls soap up in steamy glass-enclosed showers on the floor below. They’re not getting ready for a day at the office; neither should you,” according to Darren Frei in New York Nightlife.


618 W 46th St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 209-7500




Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Legends Today


This year is the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. If you’ve wondered what’s happened to the original models, the answer is here.

Patrick Kiger compiled a list of the SI supermodels with photos and updates on their lives. Enjoy them here: