Pairents is nearing launch!

Hi world –
This blog is an adjunct to Pairents, a dating and companionship site for our parents.

Below is little bit about us, our background, what we’re all about and hope to accomplish:

Pairents was conceived by two friends, co-founders Emily Bracken and Elissa Coughlin, over breakfast one Sunday morning before their weekend away at adult tennis camp. (You cannot make this stuff up.)

The women realized they shared a problem: their recently single mom and dad were having trouble meeting quality people.  They both wanted their parents to be happy and find someone awesome, so they talked about setting their parents up, and that’s when the idea clicked:

What if we flip the tradition of matchmaking so single parents can meet through the people who know them best: their adult children?

And, thus, Pairents was born…

We believe people meet through people.  That’s how it’s always been–and will always be. And if two people’s children are friends, there’s a good chance the parents will hit it off, too. We also believe friendship and love begin with feeling safe, connected and establishing trust. So we set up the site experience to create that environment:

Safety – accountability through mutual friends or a community makes people feel safe. Adult children can be that conduit

Connection – shared backgrounds, communities, values, interests, and outlooks is fundamental to compatibility

Trust – adult children become boomers’ trusted on-ramp resource to engage in online social activity

Through shared common values and circles, adult children, friends and relatives (whom we like to call indorsers) can become the on-ramp for parents to find companionship, community and happiness.