Beyond Pinterest

Can Ben Silbermann Turn Pinterest Into The World’s Greatest Shopfront?

Pinterest for me is pure pleasure, lots of aspirational daydreaming, tweaking my taste, creating gorgeous boards for viewing over & over. But, there is another aspect to the site, namely earning a little extra income. One Kings Lane offered the 100 top home-furnishing pinners a percentage of the sales their pins generated. Something to consider if you pin assiduously as I do ….

Then there are the competitors, Fancy and Polyvore.

Half of Polyvore’s revenues come from taking a cut of what its users spend on purchases they’ve discovered on the site. It is lots of fun, as well, because you may make fashion boards aggregating items from the site. Fancy sells travel bookings and products on its site and offers users whose posted items result in a sale a 2% affiliate fee. It is a trendy, young site with large photos of very modern items and places.

The numbers were taken from Max Chafkin’s article about an interview with Ben Silbermann, Pinterest’s CEO, in the October 2012 issue of Fast Company.

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