Words With Friends Addicts, Meet Your New Favorite Magician

“During a late-May performance at Soho House, magician David Kwong, 32, held up a deck of cards and asked a woman in the audience to pick one and keep the suit and number to herself. While the average magician might then reach for a sword, rabbit, or flash pot to further his trick, Kwong instead unveiled a poster-size piece of paper covered with a blank crossword puzzle grid. He asked for a few long words to write across the grid, then began filling in connecting words while tossing out verbal clues to the audience (“Southeast Asian water buffalo?”). Within minutes, he had created a New YorkTimes–caliber crossword puzzle, with a twist. A row of diagonal letters spelled out eight of clubs, the card that the woman had selected.”

“The crowd — mostly under-40 professionals — went crazy. Even David Copperfield, who had been checking his own iPhone and whispering to his fiancée in the audience for much of the night, sat upright in his chair. The two Davids have been collaborating on developing film projects that feature magic, puzzles, and illusions ever since the highest-earning magician saw Kwong perform in Vegas in April, and Copperfield is still surprised by what he can do. Kwong is the cerebral yin to Copperfield’s flashy yang. Could Kwong become the David Blaine for the Words With Friends crowd?”

Catch him at private parties and venues such as Soho House, the Core Club and the Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

From Helen Coster’s article in: http://www.vulture.com/2012/10/crossword-puzzle-magician-david-kwong.html?mid=agenda–20121009

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