Jobs Picture Improves for Boomers

The September unemployment figures for baby boomers were the best they’ve been in three years.

“For the 45- to 54-year-olds, the rate was 6.1 percent in September, the lowest since January 2009. For 55- to 64-year-old workers, it is 5.7 percent, the lowest since December 2008.

The same pattern holds for men and women. Men 45 to 54 had an unemployment rate of 6.1 percent in September, down from 8.4 percent two years ago; women in that age bracket had a 6.0 percent rate, the lowest since May 2009. The numbers are similar for the older boomers.

Rich Pennock, a vice president for Kelly Services, one of the country’s biggest workforce staffing companies, says experienced people are particularly attractive now as employers look to build back their inventories. ‘They want to get up and running quickly, so they want skilled people they can bring to the table immediately,” he said. “In the early 2000’s they had the time to train their workforce; now they’re looking for employees who are ready to go.’”


A Fun Date Idea for Music Lovers


Nathan Lane Hosts
Symphonic Sondheim

January 29

Nathan Lane — Tony Award–winning star of theater, film, and television — will host Symphonic Sondheim, the New York Philharmonic’s performance of symphonic suites by Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, Academy Award, and Grammy Award–winning composer Stephen Sondheim.

Experience the splendor of the New York Philharmonic playing the legendary composer’s greatest melodies from works such as Sunday in the Park with George, The Enclave, Pacific Overtures, Stavisky, Passion, andSweeney Todd.

Paul Gemignani, Conductor
Nathan Lane, Host

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Top Quirky Places to Retire

Creatives — listen up! AARP has found 6 unique spots to consider for unconventional retirement lifestyles.

Pictured above, beautiful Portland is home to many free-thinking individuals and cutting-edge businesses. The Willamette River runs through the center of the city and Mt. Tabor rises on its east side; as well, there are views of Mt. St. Helens and Mount Hood from various areas of the  city. Thriving arts, sports & restaurant scenes give it an edgy panache.

On the east coast, Ulster County, New York sports artsy villages west of the Hudson River in the Catskill Mountains.

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Holidays Can Be Lonely

Thinking about being single and alone during the holidays, I realized that owning a dog helps tremendously to assuage the feelings of isolation.

John Homans, Executive Editor of New York Magazine, poses this question in his new book “What’s a Dog For?”

“This is because being human means needing help, of many different kinds, and sometimes there’s not another to provide it. To start with, loneliness is not only an emotion–it’s terrible for the health. Companionship, since the earliest days of the relationship between dogs and humans millennia ago, has been a basic that dogs fulfilled, having many different corollaries. A dog can protect your house, help hunt your food, show you the way when you can’t see.”

Enjoy the photos as you read the reasons for owning a dog in this Huff Post Blog:

7 Ways to Survive Dating Over 50

Karen Batchelor says that dating over 50 “is just insane!”

Quoting Allison at Women Bloom,

 “dating at 50+ is like a ‘roller coaster’: 

I’ve been known to think finding the right guy at this time in life, online or otherwise, was akin to pigs flying, or a snowball coolly sipping an iced latte in hell.  Just listen to me rant about my recent adventures on and you’ll see why I might be excused for thinking that. 

But, hope springs eternal.  I have a dear guy friend who recently reconnected with a college love interest. It was not to be in their younger days, but they have blasted aside all logistical complications and emotional fears in their late 40s.  She has moved from her longtime home to live with him clear across the country.  Because they are soul mates.  I LOVE that!  Maybe it COULD happen to ME!”  

Maybe it could.

Dee Frazier in Gen Plus advises the “just a date” mindset rather than forever.

“The grown-up dating game has never been more interesting and challenging. There are more players than ever before. Why? Because of higher divorce rates, longer life spans, and a greater tendency to never marry. This contributes to more single Americans than at any other time in our country’s history.

The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that of the 97 million Americans who are 45 or older, almost 40 percent ­36.2 million­ are available singles. There is no shame in being single.”

So, after three not so great online dating experiences, Karen came up with a list of survival tips for getting in the game. Number 1 is Get Informed. She references Alisa Miller’s Nerds Do It Better which is full of dating tips and resources.

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Evoking childhood memories on Thanksgiving

From David Patrick Columbia’s

New York Social Diary

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, 2012

While researching the Pilgrims the author comes upon Louis XIV’s House Rules, Article 21 (revised 1681). Musing upon Louis’ seventeenth century lifestyle, he states 

“Abundance, I’ve come to see, tends to dull gratitude in us, and before you know it, greed is lapping on our shores. Of course, that was Louis’ ace – the absurdity of abundance. With it, long did he reign.”

Seeing the Pilgrims through his childhood eyes, then as an adult, Columbia accepts their flaws along with their magnificent strength in surviving in their wild new country.

Some of us in America have endured much due to Hurricane Sandy; those of us who were not harmed have much to be grateful for. Sharing is something to consider at this time.

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