Vacationing Baby Boomers’ Likes and Dislikes

Baby-boomer-vacation-350x257 tapped into Boomers’ travel preferences discovering that they would be willing to pay more if the destination is special. However, as Boomers are usually paying for family reunions, they would select all-inclusive resorts and garden view, rather than beach view rooms.

Asked to name their top five favorite foreign vacation destinations, Boomers chose Mexico as No. 1 with Hawaii and the Caribbean in a tie for the second position. See the rest in the BoomerCafe article:…+it%27s+your+place%29

Is the Cold Weather Getting to You?


This caught my eye. In the midst of holiday activity and icy winds, slushy walks and snowbanks, Andaz Napa appears to be the perfect getaway.

3 Easy Steps to Photos that Endure Time

Claire-me-in-Estest-Park-Version-2_Snapseed-350x262Having spent a wonderful, busy Christmas week with my adult children and extended family, I used my Droid for lots of fun photos. Unfortunately, the phone is “old” at 2 years and needs to be upgraded to an iPhone. The most pressing reason for me is that many of the photos had to be deleted in order to continue with my email correspondence while away from my computer.

In this mindset the article by David Henderson in BoomerCafe caught my eye. Enjoy reading about baby boomers capturing memories digitally.…+it%27s+your+place%29

Simpler Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

06expertplea-booming-simplicity-articleInlineIn this Booming article, Kristin van Ogtrop, managing editor of Real Simple, answers reader’s questions about ways to simplify life during the holiday season.

Here is a sample:

How do you deal with friends who ask what your plans are for Christmas Day and then ask if they can join you at your home ? You don’t want to hurt their feelings, but your family doesn’t want to include them? — VH, New York

“To counter such a bold request (it is Christmas Day, after all!), I would suggest a gentle counterattack.”

Staying active and fit in a path to success


We at Pairents have just found BoomerCafe, an online magazine for baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964. BoomerCafé was created by David Henderson (left in the photo) and Greg Dobbs in the summer of 1999.

To introduce the site, here is one of their articles written by physical therapist, Patrice Winter, who is the campaign spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association’s “Fit After 50.”

7 Tips to Buy or Sell in the New Year

3034337_1355967609048_oHere are some excellent New Year’s resolutions for those planning to make a move in 2013.

See Tara’s article in Trulia:

Holidays Are Stressful; Stress Is Bad For You


The Conscious Lifestyle: Facing Your Stress

We all know that stress is bad for you but we tend to shoulder on through what we deem to be necessary — especially during the holidays.

In an article in Linkedin, Dr. Deepak Chopra chronicles precisely what occurs physically and mentally to us as we allow this to continue. “No one can healthily sustain the heightened alertness, quick burst of energy, rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and other marks of the fight-or-flight response.”

Reading this may encourage you to take a break from work and do something fun with someone you care about.