First Major Exhibition of Digital Art

tumblr_mcrgzgrJL41rf089no1_500GIFs have come into their own.

Be the first to know about this new type of exhibition.

“A grid of GIFs provides a perpetual-motion montage for today’s Art Basel Miami Beach exclusive, specially curated by NOWNESS from responses to an open call from virtual auction house Paddle8 and microblogging giant Tumblr. The images are among a selection that will be displayed at Moving the Still, an exhibition taking place this week in the Floridian paradise, devoted to fresh examples of the digital art form and the first effort of its kind. This follows Oxford Dictionaries USA’s recent decision to name “GIF” their Word of the Year, and for many observers 2012 has seen the quirky, now 25-year-old file type transform itself from the preserve of dancing baby animations into a nuanced, serious creative tool.”

From Nowness:

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