New Year’s Resolutions Again …

hat01Here we are in early January with those lists of “I want to …” just waiting to be tried out, maybe successfully, maybe not.

Perhaps we are thinking about entering the dating world after a hiatus and wish to look our best. Losing weight or going regularly to the gym might be on our lists. Or, it might be something like reading more newspapers or being more light-hearted in order to attract someone new. Or, we might have some altruistic resolutions such as doing 26 acts of goodwill within 2 weeks. Whatever.

We all know that most of the items we pledge to ourselves to do never quite coalesce. And that is because pure willpower, as one of my ministers told us in a recent sermon, does not really work. There has to be something else. His suggestion was that we should simply say to ourselves, “more of you (meaning the Lord), less of me.” This is a lovely way to work on our higher selves.

Another way would be to do what my friend, Billy Sparkle, suggests in his wonderful article, “Maybe You Can’t.” Put someone on your team to assist you.

Billy describes neural pathways which can be helpful or not in regulating our behaviors. These neural pathways can act as hidden land mines waiting in the field to knock us off course, but instead of blowing us up, these mines act as shafts we unwittingly slide down and before we know it, we’re thirty yards away from the very direction we wanted to be traveling in. 

We want to prevent these neural pathways from taking us off course, and this requires an interruption.” In football, the interruption is the blockers who prevent the defensive players from stopping the running-back from scoring. 

To see who could assist us in reaching our 2013 goals, see the article:—january-2013.html?utm_source=CCC+JAN+2013&utm_campaign=CCC+JAN+2013&utm_medium=email

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