Destination: Wellness


“Wellness retreats, wellness rooms, wellness resorts, wellness weekends. Answering the insistent call of wellness tourism and trying to figure out what it all is.” Mostly expensive, there are many variations on this theme.

Jesse McKinley travels across the country searching for the answer. Her feet are soaked in a bucket of salt water charged with a small current for half an hour; she hikes, works out, meditates, hydrates incessantly, has her chakras read, eats lots of quinoa, watches the sunset naked with strangers at the Esalen Institute in CA …. You get the idea. Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico was her last wellness experience. Founded in the 1940’s by Edmond Szekely, a Romanian philosopher and fitness guru, Rancho La Puerta offers aquatic shiatsu, a “process that its practitioners say replicates the feeling we all have in womb.” Following her shiatsu treatment and a light tuna lunch she was invited to “get crowned.”

See the entire article to find out what that is:

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