Perfect prescription for baby boomer pharmacist to write mystery novels


I know of doctors who paint, dentists who sculpt and now here is a pharmacist who has turned to writing as a second career.

Warren Friendman, owner of a pharmacy near Cleveland, has just published his first novel, “The Chicago Cap Murders.” Detective Slats Grodsky investigates a murder committed on the Cubs opening day at Wrigley Field. Then another murder occurs.

“The second murder took place in the Fifteenth Police District in Chicago. Though he never worked in the district, Grodsky had visited the area many times. Within the Fifteenth was the Austin Career Education Center, an alternative high school where he had placed many juveniles to demonstrate there was a better life course than delinquency. Many youths dropped out, but for the few who remained, it was life altering. Slats was proud of those graduates.”

See further excerpts from the book in the BoomerCafe article here:…+it%27s+your+place%29


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