23 Top Illusions Busted by Age


Twenty-five years ago, Carol Osborn was written up in the New York Times about an organization she founded, Superwomen’s Anonymous, to support Baby Boomer women tired of having to do and be it all. “Attracting tens of thousands of equally exhausted women, Superwomen’s Anonymous was accurately hailed by the national media as ‘the harbinger of things to come’ — part of the pioneering work our generation contributed to the then-revolutionary notion of life — balance, simplicity and the search for meaning.”

“The phone rang off the hook and I found myself with lucrative speaking engagements, media appearances and a book deal with a major publisher. In fact, it was just after meeting with my publisher for the first time that I recall standing on Fifth Avenue, deeply breathing in the heady sense that I had secured my destiny: that through this book, I had been tapped by the gods as immortal.” 

Then another woman wrote a similar book which also hit the media circuit and neither made it big. Carol tells of realizing the loss of her quest for immortality when she spotted her book on a bargain bookstore 99 cent table.

Letting go of our youthful dreams and aspirations is painful and hard. The author quotes James Hollis, Ph.D., in his “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life: How to Finally, Really Grow Up”:

“Psychological or spiritual development always requires a greater capacity in us for the toleration of anxiety and ambiguity. The capacity to accept this troubled state, abide it, and commit to life, is the moral measure of our maturity.”

#3 on Osborn’s list is: That sixty is really the new forty.

See the rest of the myths that she dispels here:


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