Baby Boomer Volcanographer

Mick-crew-2-530x352Mick Kalber “wanted an adventure. I had visited a friend on the big island and fell in love with the place and wanted to find another line of work,” so he moved to Hawaii‘s Big Island thirty years ago and started filming volcanic eruptions. His work as a “volcanographer,” his designation for his new career, has been seen in movies, documentaries and on television. 

Previously a TV news photographer, Kalber’s first video was of Kilauea‘s eruption.

“I’d never seen anything remotely like that! The landscape looked like the moon … and here was incandescent liquid rock doing what rock is not supposed to do … jetting into the air nearly as high was any building in the world … the sight boggled the mind!”

From an article by David Henderson, co-founder and publisher, BoomerCafe:…+it%27s+your+place%29

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