Even Cheaper Places To Retire Overseas …

slide_284295_2177805_freeWhen we think of overseas retirement from North American bases, we usually investigate Latin America as it is close, warm and generally less expensive.

However, Asia offers better bargains today. Kathleen Peddicord writes “pockets of Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Vietnam and India, for example, can be absurdly cheap. You could live a modest but comfortable life in this part of the world on a budget of $700 or $800 a month, even less.”

I can think of many reasons not to do this, such as danger, language barriers, investing in places with shady governments. But, if you like gorgeous beaches and edgy lifestyles, perhaps this will be for you. “In Asia, as well, you have an added challenge related to residency. Typically (an exception is Malaysia), you aren’t going to be able to arrange to stay on indefinitely (legally) as a foreigner. You’ll have to make regular border runs, which can grow tiresome and expensive (not to mention being illegal).”

Peddicord suggests avoiding these issues by enjoying Asia for a period of time, then moving on to a more stable area, such as the Mediterranean area of Europe … or back to South or Central America. The opportunities in retirement can be endless; much to savor and explore.



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