Women Owned Businesses in Manhattan


Early in the 1900’s the Social Party of America declared March 8th International Women’s Day. Today it is celebrated beyond America’s shores all over the world. In celebration of women’s achievements, Manhattan Sideways spotlights women entrepreneurs in NYC.

From Ruth Kuzub’s The Silversmith on West 4th Street to Butter Lane Cupcakes owned by Pam Nelson, Maria Baugh, and Linda Lea on 7th Street to Bella Meyers’ 11th Street Fleurs Bella, there are many intriguing businesses to explore.

Women’s occupations often border on the creative; “the spheres within which they work—food, clothing, crafts, and charity—have too often been viewed as women’s work, variations on housework, and therefore less worthy of admiration. But here, on the side streets of our own city, we find women who have not only fought for success and achieved it, but have taken the traditional work of women and raised it up as something to be truly appreciated and revered—and for that, we thank them.”

Tomorrow brings sunshine and warmth. It will be a perfect day to explore the streets of Manhattan and honor women’s ingenuity.


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