Boomer Apprentice Nomad

Zetlin_in_kitchen-560x373Mitchell Zetlin retired early because of an offer he couldn’t refuse. Friends were renting an apartment for two months in Oaxaca, Mexico and wanted him to join them. Oaxaca is to be Mitch’s “training wheels” for a new nomadic lifestyle away from his horse and farm in Virginia. Having quit his job in New York and traveled through Europe in his 20’s with a girlfriend, Mitch hopes to continue on this path intermittently.

Using the Oaxaca Lending Library as their informal headquarters, “part-time and some full-time expats” enjoy getting together for lectures and organizing hikes, movie outings and bridge groups. Here is a sampling of Mitch’s activities so far:

“I have traveled the villages and archeological sites out of town, hiked in the Sierra Madres, gone to two cooking schools, visited the museums, sat in the zocolo (the public square) watching the world pass by and listening to music that is everywhere. There have been museum and gallery art show openings that made me think I was back in New York. I have discovered the bohemian late night club scene that on somenights play current French films and on others starting at 11:00 p.m. there’s a circus with acrobats, magician, clown, and jugglers, all to the music of Django Reinhardt, the gypsy jazz guitarist from the 1930’s, pure magic.” 

This speaks to my wanderlust.

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