How to Date Like a Grownup

Mature couple in cafeMany people past 50 find themselves back in the dating game after a very long hiatus. “Unreliability and confusion do not have to be a part of your dating-over-50 experience, dating coach Bobbi Palmer told Huff/Post50.” 

The relationship expert shares tips for women, giving special emphasis to the sensitivities of men. “They’ve been rejected since they were 14 years old at the dance. We think we have to deal with rejection, but they’ve had it 100 times worse. Compassion is the key to having an enjoyable time when you’re dating. They’re just like us and we’re all people.”

Her six-step plan commences with falling “in love with yourself.” “If you find yourself dating again in your 50s, chances are a major life event — whether it be divorce or losing your loved one — has given you quite the beating.” It’s about familiarizing yourself with whom you’ve become over the years.

There is an accompanying slide show, Where To Meet Singles Over 50, which includes volunteering, joining clubs and going online.slide_196948_472818_freeStay tuned for the most walkable cities for retirement tomorrow.


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