10 Best Cities For Retirement in the U.S.

MW-AP896_retire_20120228184940_MGWhere are they? TopRetirements.com founder, John Brady, tells us that “the absolute best cities and towns for older Americans have good weather, access to health care, low property taxes, and a certain ‘wow’ factor. Throw in access to adult education, cultural activities, job opportunities for older Americans, low housing costs and income-tax rates, low crime rate, and good walkability and livability — and you get a list of both well-known and lesser-known cities and towns that retirees might fancy.”

Sarasota, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, heads the list with its reputation as “the cultural capital of the Sunshine State.” Sarasota’s low cost of living is tempting with median home prices at $130,00, average property taxes of $1,800 and no state income tax. Disadvantages include crime rates higher than the national average, unemployment at 9.8%, many tourists and traffic during the hot summers.

See all 10 cities with their pros and cons at:


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