50 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do By 50

slide_223323_918422_freeThe Huffington Post previously published an article on the “30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know” by 30; now it’s time for 50.

Do we really become wiser with age? Conflicting research is out there. Many feel that wisdom comes with age and that indeed we are still capable of functioning at a high level well into our 60’s and 70’s. Others believe that by age 75, our level of wisdom begins to decline. But there are differing definitions of wisdom. In psychoanalyst Erik Erikson‘s eight-stage theory of the human life cycle, each stage builds upon a successful completion of the previous one. He completed his study with what he had learned by the time he reached 87.

It may be that wisdom is displayed in some young people but that the life view of an older person allows him or her to reason and understand consequences better. Some of the traits defining wisdom from the Berlin Wisdom Project include intelligence and knowledge, an understanding of human nature (including the concepts of uncertainty and relativism between cultures), emotional resiliency and superior judgment and problem-solving skills.


After its article on Woman age 30, The Huffington Post staff asked their Facebook fans for thoughts on what women aged 50 should be able to accomplish. As well, they compiled their own list beginning with “Say ‘no’ without feeling guilty” and ending with number 50,“Open a bottle of champagne.” 

While you may not agree with all, many are insightful or just fun:


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