Marketing to Baby Boomers

20120528-233719Last May, David Henderson, Publisher & Co-Founder, BoomerCafe, wrote about the difficulties 20- and 30-somethings have in connecting with 75 million baby boomers. Citing the very successful film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, directed by 63 year old John Madden, Henderson states that it takes a boomer to know one. I remember exiting a theatre full of 50+ people with whom the movie had obviously resonated. On the other hand, he reminisces about AARP‘s failed attempt to attract boomers with an expensive ad campaign in 1999; 30-something marketeers were the driving force behind this.

Fast forward to last August and David Henderson describes how AARP is trying to reach boomers again after its failed Second Generation marketing campaign. They have teemed up with to created Work Reimagined, a free online service to assist baby boomers in finding employment.


“The participating employers at Work Reimagined are committed to recruiting workers of all ages, and many of these companies have immediate hiring needs,” according to AARP executive Adam Sohn, who managed the development of Work Reimagined.


“Sohn, by the way, is younger than the boomer generation, so like the staff of AARP’s earlier effort, he can only guess about the quirkiness, distinctive nature and needs of baby boomers at this stage of life.”

LinkedIn-Logo-580x163But they are trying, as are advertisers in the Super Bowl, to relate to our large, influential demographic.




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