It’s Not Too Late To Change Careers


The Road Not Taken …

Certainly, you’ve put in a lot of hours studying, interning, learning, building a network, business or profession. How could you let all that go? Well, there are layoffs, deep discontent with your current situation or just plain wanderlust. You may have elderly parents to care for, children still in school, big mortgages and credit card debt but it’s not too late to start a new career.

Marilyn Katz, who runs the BoomerCafe’s Over 50 Website, reminds us that sometimes there is no choice but to reconsider a new start.

“Unemployment rates for people over 50, who have been looking for work for more than a year, rose in 2010 by almost 50%. The number of people who reported themselves as unemployed for two or more years rose by more than a quarter.

Baby boomers can also see a “grey wall.” Sure, everybody suffers from a tight job market. But boomers have been suffering more. The unemployment rate for workers over 55 has tripled over the last decade. Younger employers may be judging us as stodgy, selfish, and unwilling to embrace change.”

It may be too late for such endeavors as going to medical school, but many boomers are currently being hired in other jobs in the healthcare sector. As well, starting a business is always an option and community colleges and online programs make it easier than ever to retrain or pick up necessary skills. It just takes some introspection and ingenuity to realize what would work for you given your experience, talents and interests.


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