What Do 50+ Men Want In A Date?

rs_560x415-130522101830-1024.oz.cm.52213Boomers comprise the greatest number of new online dating site users. But, according to Laurie Davis, the Manhattan based online dating consultant behind eFlirtexpert.com, “The biggest obstacle for [them] is searching through matches . . . They want romance and chivalry, and things like that don’t always come across on the screen.” 


So, how do you decipher the essence of one person who will be your next love interest? One way is to have people close to you suggest someone whom they think will be a good partner for you. Dr. Oz does this for Martha Stewart after she joined Match.com on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. For her love of adventure and new experiences the doctor “thought Liam Neeson could help with that.” And he suggested Tim Robbins as another date because of his love of animals.


And to preselect the best possible partner, make a list. Last year Ken Solin wrote an article listing the 20 qualities he wanted in his next boomer love. It garnered over 1,000 comment both pro and con. But, Solin is sticking with his list, stating that “dating is about quality, not quantity, and your list will qualify the best potential dates.”

Some excerpts are: “Kissing Too Many Frogs”, “Rediscover Who You Are” and “The Universal Tool.” “There’s nothing romantic or cool about wasting precious time in the wrong relationships, especially if any were preventable. Smart dating is not becoming involved with someone who doesn’t share your traits, core values, and beliefs.” 


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