Cures For Empty Nesters’ Blues

slide_232894_1102468_freeAfter child-rearing days are over, seemingly so busy while they’re here, yet so suddenly gone, here are some zany ideas for cheering up from Jeb Harrison in the Huff Post Post 50.

First is getting a Harley to “savor your new-found independence. There are dozens of AARP biker gangs that you can hook up with (provided you can handle the initiation ceremonies and don’t mind a little casual sex with strangers) and the slick feel of that skin tight black leather wrapping your sags and bulges into a svelte, streamlined picture of youthful vitality flying down the open road will have you singin’ “Born to Be Wild” like a drunken Rotarian on a meth binge.” 

Coming in at #5 is: “If you’re still hangin’ with your kid’s co-creator, it’s highly recommended that you stop calling him/her “Mom” or “Dad” now. While their real name is a perfectly acceptable substitute, coming up with something edgy and hip (like RazorGrrrl or dePackage) will contribute to your new-found youthful vitality. (Remember “Grandma” or “Grandpa” might be right around the corner).” 

Now you’ll surely want to read them all here:

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