Best Grandparenting Advice From Jane Seymour

f87d10350ac03ae7598c6a754d1aef0e_jane-seymour-secrets-to-grandparenting-580x326_featuredImageRecently I was seated at lunch with someone whom I’d never met before. She was discussing her upcoming visit with her grandchildren with such joy that she glowed. Not being a grandmother yet, I can only imagine how wonderful it is.

Today, this interview with Jane Seymour was posted. In it she describes the satisfaction which her new role as grandmother gives her. “The wonder of these small children makes you feel alive and needed. Spending time with them is all about unconditional love. Children make grandparents feel like we matter, and in return we have the time to pay attention to them and make them the center, sometimes in a way that a parent might not be able to, because parents are so busy with so much to do.”

Issues such as evolving relationships with adult children who are now parents and counseling grandchildren emerge in the conversation. It’s definitely worth checking out here:

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