Snowbird Pairings


Pursuing the topic of our recent blog about avoiding retirement mistakes, I’d like to share’s expose on the pros and cons of avoiding unwanted weather while maintaining contact with family, friends, doctors, clubs, etc. If you can afford to, snowbirding can be the answer to undesirable freezing winters, long dark days, constant rain or sweltering summers.

If you, like me, cannot seem to choose the one perfect place to be, consider selecting two. Perhaps the city and the country, the beach and the mountains, California and Connecticut. A big factor for many retirees will be their tax situations. Many of the southern states have the best taxes overall. Look into Delaware, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Florida.

Some will want to rent in one place, buy in another or rent in both. The fun part will be pairing very different areas, such as the pictured coastal town of Lahinch, Ireland with its world-class golf course and Claremont, CA, boasting 7 colleges.


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