7 Things To Do In Your Bedroom That Can Save Your Life

Have sex. 7 Things You Can Do in the Bedroom That Can Save YourIt’s a big mistake to work on your electronics, watch horror movies and eat takeout dinners in your bedroom because these activities can upset your natural sleep rhythms.

There are, however, other things done in your bedroom which can add to your longevity. First is have breakfast in bed, slowly. Research shows that heart attack risks are highest during the first few hours of the day. “The cardiovascular system needs more blood and oxygen to get started at a time when the blood vessels are most constricted, which is the case after an extended period of rest. A calm, paced start to your day protects not only your heart but your peace of mind.” 

Next is stretch when you get up. You’ll look better because of the boosted circulation and the suppleness which comes with flexibility, as well as protecting joint health.

See the rest, only one of which involves sex, here:


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