Meet Someone At Virgola

b681e678f25b7be1928497c3eecca20eIt’s an oyster and wine bar officially opening in Greenwich Village on Wednesday. Formerly an alley in the 19th century, the slender space evokes the past with candle sconces, gold padlocks and red-tufted-leather banquettes.

“As for what you and said companion are doing in a place like this: a daily changing menu of three charcuterie and three fromage options, with an off-menu surprise of each and a daily tartare. Also: a single ceviche, and a handful of oyster options each day (with Island Creeks always on the board). If you’re looking for French wines… well, tough, because it’s all Montalcinos, Montepulcianos, proseccos and other Italian varietals here.”

28 Greenwich Ave (between W 10th and Charles)


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