Deepak Chopra’s 5 Tips for Leading a More Spiritual Life

201211-orig-deepak-chopra-300x205Spiritual leader, Deepak Chopra shares ideas for improving our inner life in these clips from “Oprah’s Lifeclass” and “Super Soul Sunday.”

First is “STOP” which is an acronym for Chopra’s suggestion for one’s reaction to a stressful situation. “Go to your ‘state of being’ by stopping, taking a deep breath, observing what is going on in your body and proceeding with loving kindness and compassion.”

“Sleep is when our soul refreshes itself” explains why it is so important to both physical and mental health along with good food and exercise.

In answer to an audience question about how to maintain a positive outlook while dealing with unhappy memories of the past, Chopra references an Indian saying: “I use memories but will not allow them to victimize me.”

See all of these tools for inner peace here:



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