Looking For Some Privacy For Romance?


W27th-104-DPetHotel-10Unwilling to leave your beloved dog behind for an evening of romance? Try D Pet Hotels at 104 West 27th Street, New York, NY for an incomparable experience for your pet. “Offering ‘five star luxury’ facilities and services for NYC canines, D Pet Hotel is the ultimate doggy daycare for the uber-pampered canine companion. By day, dogs frolic together in large play spaces with like-minded new friends atop rubberized paw-friendly surfaces.”

Grooming, training classes and walking services are offered as well as an au courant boutique for “for dogs who dabble in haute couture.” And for those into gourmet food, a chef will prepare unique dishes delivered by room service. Chauffeurs will deliver your dog in style to the hotel where he or she may have anything from a basic to a luxury room, featuring a human bed, flat screen tv, pictures on the wall and lots of space.

Your dog won’t miss you at all; really.



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