5 Reasons To Retire To A Small Town

1052_1Many of us fantasize about retiring to a small town. Peaceful, quiet, walkability are all adjectives which appear on my inner screen. Pictured above is my birthplace, Signal Mountain, TN, an absolutely beautiful place, replete with history. Maybe I’ll check it out after the holidays. Meanwhile, here are the five rationales TopRetirements.com offers up for moving to a small community, each with an example.

First is a walkable community, illustrated by picturesque Old Saybrook, CT, founded in 1635. You will find many homes and condos within walking distance of its shops and restaurants and, often, a short walk to where the Connecticut River meets the Long Island Sound, as well.

Second is the ease of social networking which you’ll find in Port Townsend, Washington, boasting many Victorian homes and the proud artists living there. Much of the town is preserved as a national historic district.

Third is “so pretty it hurts,” which small towns often are. Beaufort, SC with is moss-covered trees and horse-drawn carriage rides is lovely. I recently toured the historic district and photographed many of the stunning antebellum houses. The Big Chill house is a must-see. Unknown






Evergreen, CO, an affluent suburb of Denver boasts easy access to recreation with Evergreen Lake and its acres of surrounding parks. And Mount Dora, FL has abundant cultural locations, including two theaters, the Mount Dora Center for the Arts and many other events and festivals on the Town Square.

Five more towns, exemplifying a combination of these reasons to select a small town for retirement are included. For example, On Top of Old Smoky – Signal Mountain, Tennesee. As the name implies this town on top of a hill was a signal outpost during the Civil War. Then people came here for their health. Today this small town atop the Tennessee River is home to 7,400 mostly affluent residents who come for the views and outstanding community resources. The Signal Mountain Playhouse presents 2 plays per year including an outdoor musical every summer in the natural amphitheatre. The Mountain Arts Community Center offers classes in music, dance, and visual arts from its historic building.”


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