Julianne Moore’s Take On Aging

o-JULIANNE-570Where you stand on anti-aging procedures can be very different from your friends’ views. As we see reality show housewives and certain film stars with the faces of 14 year olds, it makes one wonder if that is how it should be. Should we all do the same?

Julianne Moore has nailed her view on plastic surgery while not criticizing those who choose to do so in the following statement. “I’d like to think that I can age as naturally as possible. I don’t want to come out condemning anything anybody does, because I think that all of these things can contribute to making people feel better about themselves, and that’s great. But I also want to look like myself. I mean, we’re not going to live forever. You could be dead at 45, and guess what? Then you don’t have to worry about aging.”

Enjoy photos of more celebrity women who have “not gone under the knife” here:


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