Boomers Seek Early, Active Retirement

Couple Enjoying A Game Of Golf

A recent survey by Del Webb indicates that the trend toward earlier retirement is increasing among Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 64. Greater than half of Boomers plan to retire by age 65 versus the median of 67 in 2010. And their intention is to emphasize balance in their lives by focusing on “activities and hobbies that enhance physical/mental well-being (62 percent), spending time/focusing on family (51 percent), and traveling (34 percent).” 

After years of job and family responsibilities, many are starting to focus more on personal goals. “For the first time in what may seem like a lifetime, boomers are transitioning to a new stage in their lives that is filled with zest and personal discovery,” said Fred Ehle, vice president of brand marketing for Del Webb.” A big component of this is finding new social circles and, for many, dating. The study reflects that 56 percent of single Boomers are receptive to dating and 45 percent are actively dating, not definitely looking for love and marriage.


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