2014 New York City Art Preview



Time Out New York has compiled a list of the best shows coming to the city this year. Among firsts are the first comprehensive survey of Italian Futurism at the Guggenheim, of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark at MOMA and Chinese superstar Ai Wei Wei at the Brooklyn Museum. The Metropolitan is bringing Canterbury Cathedral’s stained glass windows to the Cloisters, the Neue Gallery New York showcases Nazism’s efforts to discredit modern art and the Whitney hosts its 2014 Biennial and Jeff Koons before moving to its new home in MePA.

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10 Gorgeous Celebs Graying Gracefully

BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards - Arrivals“People, old and young, are embracing their silver streaks and showing off the badge of aging proudly. The New York Times writer Leah Rozen recently announced “blondes may have more fun, but we gray gals have it made in our shade.” Even Kate Middleton who has the most envied hair of any celebrity has put her gray roots on display.” 

The Huffington Post has created a list of great looking superstars who are proudly sporting their gray locks.

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Laughter Is Good For You

ExpressionGood news — laughter is salubrious! So those slapstick movies I love to rewatch are actually good for my health, as is chuckling with a friend. Research from different sources gathered by Laurie Pawlik Kienlen points out the health benefits of laughter. Some are: “burns calories, causes ‘runner’s high,’ eliminates ‘us versus them’ thinking and strengthens your immune system.” 

“The effects of laughter and exercise are very similar,” says Steve Wilson, Ohio-based psychologist and laugh therapist. “Adding laughter to familiar movements, such as waving your arms, activates just about every human physiologic system, similar to conventional or traditional exercise.”

Laura McMullen in U.S. News cautions us not to inhibit our laughter, citing this old-fashioned statement, “Haters gonna hate. Laugh off criticisms.” She serves up ten suggestions to help us achieve our laughter zen. First, of course, is to laugh with rather than at others. Another good one is to seek out others whom you can lighten up and smile with.

“Every day, make a conscious effort to seek humor,” advises Karyn Buxman, motivational speaker and author of “What’s So Funny AboutHeart Disease?” Works for me — I have a friend who is a cancer survivor who reads the comics daily and is beautiful and healthy. She is also delightful to be around because of her ability to make me laugh and take life lightly.

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Choose Joy

loveandliveToday would be my husband’s 56th birthday and I miss him so very much. I had a long talk with one of my oldest and dearest friends this morning. She reminded me of Alexandra Stoddard, to whom she had introduced me via a gift of her book “The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters, The Timelessness of Simple Truths.” Stoddard writes about the quest for personal happiness. “Now, as scientists have begun to discover the benefits of living a happy life, Alexandra provides practical ways to live happily every day, based on ancient Greek philosophy. Her teacher Aristotle taught Stoddard that the aim and purpose of life is happiness. When we are true to ourselves, we can fly above stress and conflict, contented and confident that we are on the right path toward greater inner peace and lasting happiness.” 

As I spoke about Marc, my friend reminded me of Stoddard’s philosophy and complimented me on living it. I have chosen joy over pain in the last 3 1/2 years since his passing. Spending every possible minute with my adult children is key. Also meeting new friends to attend movies, kayak, sail, travel, discuss books and go to dinner, coffee, lectures, museums, and play bridge with has been critical to my recovery from my husband’s loss. Though it was not my first, having lost my father at a tender age, it was equally painful.

I decided after about six months that behaviorism was going to be my salvation.  And it has been — I act as though I’m happy and, magically, it happens. You, too, can put this into practice. My biggest joy was finding MacDuff, my new best friend. He’s a Westie who shares my daily life. And when one of those inescapably tough days arrives, he’s there for me.

Yesterday, I was attending the funeral of a long-time friend and somehow Duffy knew. I was almost late because of needing to stay with him while he was ill. Finally, his stomach settled down and I went. Seeing the hearse parked in front of the church brought memories flooding back in. As my daughter and I shared tissues, I was reminded of doing the same thing at Marc’s funeral. My friend’s three daughters read heartfelt poems they had written to their dad, mentioning seeing him again some day. And the eldest wrote a flawless, deeply moving tribute to him. It was impossible not to cry. These young ladies will need to find their own ways of coping. I wish them all the very best.

So life goes on and I believe that each of us must enjoy whatever time we have left. Alexandra Stoddard sums up her plan thus:

Trust the

Perhaps easier said than done, but surely worth a try.


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