Stop Stressing About These In 2014

o-EMAILS-570The New Year is here and many of us have made resolutions, such as to stop eating sugar, go to the gym daily, etc. But why not focus on what’s stressing us out and delete those things from our lives forever? Lindsay Holmes communicates in The Huffington Post that working women were more stressed than evermillennials were named the most-stressed generation and employees in demanding positions are continually at risk for burnout. She lists 14 things below to stop fretting about “because stressing over them is so 2013.”

First on the list is attending to your email in-box, something which my son has recently pointed out to me. It’s so much fun to see what your friends are doing … but do you ever feel that you are missing out on something just a little bit? And, there are those countless professional and charity work emails, to say nothing of online shopping inducements which never seem to end. They need categorizing and that is just what my son, Alec, has taught me to do. Gmail’s Label function will help with that and a little more peace of mind. According to a University of California Irvine study, “taking an email vacation can even reduce stress and make you more productive.” 

Another tip from Alec is to install Sunrise on your iPhone to facilitate multi-calendar syncing. Learning this app is tops on my personal New Year’s To-Do List.

Next on Holmes’ list is to stop worrying about your weight so much. Then, turning off your smartphone for a while can be salubrious. Number 4 resonates for me: Eating gluten, dairy, meat or any other food that your friends have “sworn off.” Personally, I’ve had bad experiences when trying out others’ dietary changes. Best to listen to your own body and your doctor.

Food Silently VeganAnother personal favorite is about the coffee habit. Basically the article reminds us not to feel so guilty about this heavenly beverage as it’s “actually full of antioxidants and the scent of your beverage can even help you reduce stress.” I just love this one, with the caveat to be mindful of the hour when you have your last cup according to your body’s sleep cycle.

Coffee houses specialize in latte artBasically this article nudges us our thoughts toward old fashioned common sense and being mindful in this quickly changing world.

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