Mistakes Boomer Men Are Making In Dating

slide_194992_438390_freeKen Solin, author of “You Gotta Have Heart, Act Like a Man,” muses about many guys’ “myopic expectations” in post 50 dating. An example is one man’s scoring system — 3 dates before sex; after that the woman is dumped. “What a guy! He’s a throwback to the 60s when sex was mostly casual and rarely meaningful. I would have thought that five decades later every boomer guy understood and accepted that first date sex is no longer on a boomer woman’s menu. Scoring is about getting off not making love. Every boomer woman knows the difference and nearly all prefer making love.” 

Here’s another: “first date sex expectations,” where women are termed angry and resentful if they don’t have intimate relations on the first date. Solin’s response to men who say that is “You really don’t understand why an empowered sixty something woman who helped us end a war, fought for her legal rights, had a career, raised our kids often as single moms, and spent a lifetime building a network of close, supportive friends isn’t flattered by your invitation to sexually satisfy a total stranger? Sure you do, you understand perfectly. You just don’t respect women.” 

It really doesn’t have to be a battle. Read the whole, thoughtful piece here:


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