10 Best Cities For A Dinner Date


10 best cities for dinner dateIn honor of Valentine’s Day, Trulia has scoured their Eating Towns, Drinking Towns, which highlights metropolitan cities with the highest densities of restaurants and bars to select the most romantic venues.

Topping the list is New Orleans with Cajun and Creole classics enhanced with Caribbean fare. “From formal dining rooms to quaint courtyards, there’s a taste and a place for every couple. Start your evening off with the sunset at Woldenberg Park and watch the sun dance across the Mighty Mississippi. Take a stroll along the Moonwalk on the river at Jackson Square. There are few things more quintessentially couple-y than a late-night ride around the Quarter in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. Finally, it’s always fun to end an evening with a little something sweet, so before heading back to your hotel, swing by Café du Monde for a cup of café au lait and an order of world-famous beignets.”

horseAndBuggyToursAre you ready for romance? See the other 9 cities here:


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