Retire In Warm Weather Cities

o-SAVANNAH-570As gargantuan amounts of snow, sleet and ice pile up, many people in the Northeastern United States are starting to seriously ponder warm weather retirement spots. So, Moira McGarvey and the retirement planning site GangsAway! have shared warm weather cities on their list. We all have many different criteria upon which we judge our future homes, including proximity to family and friends, work, school, arts and outdoor sports. As well, pesky little things like taxes, transportation, cost of living and healthcare warrant consideration.

First up on her list is Sarasota, FL on the Gulf Coast, which is known as Florida’s “Cultural Coast.” Next comes Delray Beach, FL on its East Coast. “Reminiscent of old time Florida with a hip, funky vibe. The town attracts all ages with a broad range of real estate price points from high-end waterfront homes to smaller and less expensive homes and condos away from the water.

Other cities included are Kaneohe, HI, San Juan, P.R., San Diego, CA and Savannah , GA. See them all here:


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