“Home Sweet Anywhere”

unnamedIn 2011, Lynne and Tim Martin sold their central California home, divested themselves of most of their possessions and embarked on their dream retirement. They began selecting areas according to the seasons and living there as the locals do for a few months at a time.

At first family and friends were shocked but now their grandchildren find (us) infinitely more interesting than when (we) lived down the street.” And this summer, friends from several countries and family are coming to stay in Paris while the couple is there.

Admitting that though the details involved in this transformation were copious, Lynne and Tim are so happy with their decision that she wrote an article about it for The Wall Street Journal. The piece generated such a response from readers and publishers alike that a book was born, Home Sweet Anywhere: How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw The World

Asked about the innovative path which they chose, Lynne responded that many retirees today are active, fit, and hungry for new experiences. We have retired from making a living every day, but certainly not from LIVING every day.”  One of my late husband’s dreams was to sell our home, store our most treasured belongings, board the horses and cats, buy a big boat and take the dogs with us on a yearlong sailing adventure. Walking my little dog now by the houseboats near me, I often think of Marc and his dream. This couple has achieved theirs and perhaps will inspire many more young retirees to go out and enjoy the world … together.


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