5 Habits Scientifically Proven To Help You Live Longer

r-WATCHING-TV-large570We’re living longer and attempting to be healthier. Here are 5 steps you can take to facilitate longevity from the Huff/Post50.

Step away from the television — it’s much easier to get motivated to go for a walk or to the gym. Keeping TV time to under 2 hours seems to be the bellwether for health. Eat a handful of nuts daily for their heart-health benefits. Slow down on red meats and, especially, processed meats.

Danish researcher Peter Schnohr found that jogging only 1 to 2 and a half hours a week can increase life expectancy by over 6 years for men and more than 5 years for women.

A study at University of California-Davis found people who regularly practice meditation have higher levels of telomerase, the enzyme which lengthens the telomeres at the ends of your chromosomes, which affect aging. “Similarly, another study found that cancer patients who combined meditation with other healthy lifestyle changes over several years were able to lengthen their telomeres.” Meditation also helps manage stress and blood pressure, safeguarding against other diseases.



The 50 Best Places To Grow Old

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Based on 4 well-being categories : income, health, employment and education and an enabling environment. “Countries with high marks are likely to have social policies that benefit an aging population, such as universal pension or health coverage for all seniors.” Pictured here are some of the top countries including #1) Sweden, #2) Norway, #3) Germany, #4) Netherlands, #5) Canada, #6) Switzerland and #7) New Zealand. I find this particularly interesting as I’ve always been drawn to these cool, elegant countries. Having just returned from Reykjavik, I’m eager to see the rest on this bucket list of mine.

The United States came out with uneven rankings, though it did come in at #8). “While more than 80 percent of senior citizens in the U.S. are covered by a pension, almost a quarter live in relative poverty,” which lowered its ranking.

“On the plus side, Americans are educated and likely to be employed between the ages of 55 to 64. Ninety percent of people more than 50 said they have relatives or friends they can count on when they need help. This could be a huge health boost for American seniors: Social support and activity is strongly associated with a lower risk for physical and mental disease, disability and early death, according to numerous studies and a review from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Enjoy the photos of the entire list provided by Annie Hauser in Weather.com.  At the end of the article, click through “The Worst Thing About Your State” to learn some unpleasant statistics about each of them. 


7 Things To Do In Your Bedroom That Can Save Your Life

Have sex. 7 Things You Can Do in the Bedroom That Can Save YourIt’s a big mistake to work on your electronics, watch horror movies and eat takeout dinners in your bedroom because these activities can upset your natural sleep rhythms.

There are, however, other things done in your bedroom which can add to your longevity. First is have breakfast in bed, slowly. Research shows that heart attack risks are highest during the first few hours of the day. “The cardiovascular system needs more blood and oxygen to get started at a time when the blood vessels are most constricted, which is the case after an extended period of rest. A calm, paced start to your day protects not only your heart but your peace of mind.” 

Next is stretch when you get up. You’ll look better because of the boosted circulation and the suppleness which comes with flexibility, as well as protecting joint health.

See the rest, only one of which involves sex, here: