Architecture For A Happy Marriage

non-vday-staircaseToday my daughter pointed this article out to me, “How To Pick Your Life Partner,” in the Wait But Why post. Having read a lot of such articles, starting as a teenager with dating advice in Glamour Magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to have been enchanted with this one. It’s pretty obviously written by a male with its no-nonsense approach to the topic of how to choose a partner and then create a happy marriage. So, I could not resist checking out the author.

Tim Urban shares some of his attributes with us: “getting called an out-of-touch Baby Boomer even though he’s only 31,”not being an expert on things he writes about” and “drawing stick figures at a 2nd grade level.” As a real Baby Boomer who was impressed with his cogent account of the trip from first date to the altar and many years down the road of wedded bliss after, I had to research further.

Lorena O’Neil wrote “Wait But Why: Making Nerdiness Viral,” in NPR AS HEARD ON NPR LISTEN ONLINEa description of the blog which helped me to understand why this 31 year old guy could put such brilliant perspective into the marriage topic. Wait But Why is a blog that works as an adult science and social studies classroom. The website pairs cartoons, infographics, lists, and irreverent, conversational writing for a mix that looks like BuzzFeed meets Hyperbole and a Half meets Thought Catalog. The act of reading the posts is an experience in and of itself. You can easily curl up for 20 minutes digging into a single post with all of its drawings, data visualizations and captions. Don’t let the crude, seemingly haphazardly drawn stick-figure images and basic layout of the site fool you — it’s full of insights and skillful explanations of real-life situations. Sometimes the best way to make a complex idea click is with a really basic drawing, a super-simple pie chart or a stack of candies sized up against Earth.” 

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Enjoy Parts 1 & 2 of “How To Pick Your Life Partner” here:

Skating Date At Rockefeller Center


Grab a date and head over to The Rink at Rockefeller Center for a spin around the ice, then enjoy brunch for two at Rock Center Cafe. Sip your complementary cocktail as you enjoy watching skaters skim across the ice as they have since The Rink’s opening on Christmas Day, 1936.

See the details of Gilt’s offer which must be redeemed by April 20th here:

Retire In Warm Weather Cities

o-SAVANNAH-570As gargantuan amounts of snow, sleet and ice pile up, many people in the Northeastern United States are starting to seriously ponder warm weather retirement spots. So, Moira McGarvey and the retirement planning site GangsAway! have shared warm weather cities on their list. We all have many different criteria upon which we judge our future homes, including proximity to family and friends, work, school, arts and outdoor sports. As well, pesky little things like taxes, transportation, cost of living and healthcare warrant consideration.

First up on her list is Sarasota, FL on the Gulf Coast, which is known as Florida’s “Cultural Coast.” Next comes Delray Beach, FL on its East Coast. “Reminiscent of old time Florida with a hip, funky vibe. The town attracts all ages with a broad range of real estate price points from high-end waterfront homes to smaller and less expensive homes and condos away from the water.

Other cities included are Kaneohe, HI, San Juan, P.R., San Diego, CA and Savannah , GA. See them all here:


Meet Your Soul Mate In Times Square

matchmaker-1024x641At the heart of the winning project in this year’s Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition, co-hosted by Van Alen Institute is the forever hopeful question, “what’s your sign?” Brooklyn-based Young Projects‘ sculpture is there to assist you in linking up with your ideal mate. Visitors arrange themselves in front of their astrological sign on the heart shaped sculpture. “Peering through colorful, interwoven periscopes provides glimpses of each viewer’s four most ideal astrological mates, offering potential novel connections between lonely souls or settled lovers,” states Young Projects.

The sculpture will be in Father Duffy Square in Times Square through March 11.

Take Your Dog Out To Eat

Drunk-dog-in-park“In honor of the canine equivalent of the Olympics, (Scoutmob has) rounded up the most dog-friendly places in NYC.” Although the Westminster Kennel Club’s yearly Dog Show has just ended, dog lovers still need to bring their best friend to eating and drinking establishments in New York. So, here is the list of happy places for you and fido.

Starting out is the The Barking Dog which offers doggie watering stations on their patios in Midtown, Yorkville and the Upper East Side. Families flock there for the mouth-watering brunches on weekends.

Fetch Bar & Grill on Third Avenue on the UES serves comfort food like Philly cheesesteaks (with the bread brought in daily from Philadelphia), individually baked mac ‘n’ cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes served under photos of dogs needing homes. Adoption forms are available behind the counter and a portion of all the restaurant’s proceeds is donated to local shelters. Dogs are welcome on the patio.

Luckydog and Von are bars where dogs have been known to hang out during hours when no city inspectors were around. The former has dog-specific kiddie pools in the summer and the latter has late night dancing.

Brooklyn Ale House. “An unusual mix of biker bar and dog-friendly watering hole, Brooklyn Ale House is an ideal spot for the pooch who runs with a ruff crowd. Dogs are known to trot under foot as regulars hit the pool table or sip beers and hot apple cider on wooden benches. Come on the weekends for treats (for the dog) and free bagels (for you…or the dog, if you’re feeling generous).” 

Off Leash Hours rounds out the article. Central ParkRandall’s Island Park or Prospect Park lets dogs run free before 9 AM and after 9 PM. And who knew? Central Park features 15 dog-specific water fountains, and Prospect Park boasts the city’s only man-made dog beach.


10 Best Cities For A Dinner Date


10 best cities for dinner dateIn honor of Valentine’s Day, Trulia has scoured their Eating Towns, Drinking Towns, which highlights metropolitan cities with the highest densities of restaurants and bars to select the most romantic venues.

Topping the list is New Orleans with Cajun and Creole classics enhanced with Caribbean fare. “From formal dining rooms to quaint courtyards, there’s a taste and a place for every couple. Start your evening off with the sunset at Woldenberg Park and watch the sun dance across the Mighty Mississippi. Take a stroll along the Moonwalk on the river at Jackson Square. There are few things more quintessentially couple-y than a late-night ride around the Quarter in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. Finally, it’s always fun to end an evening with a little something sweet, so before heading back to your hotel, swing by Café du Monde for a cup of café au lait and an order of world-famous beignets.”

horseAndBuggyToursAre you ready for romance? See the other 9 cities here:

Hassle-free Valentine’s Day

unnamedThis year Valentine’s Day is on a Friday which bestows a whole weekend of romantic possibilities upon us. Let TaskRabbit help you order flowers, nab a table at a romantic restaurant, deliver a singing telegram or have your house cleaned. Let them know what you desire and they will connect you with a background-checked TaskRabbit who will help you make this the best Valentine’s Day ever!